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Our providers are online with virtual visits.

 All telemedicine appointments will be completed via the video conference app ZOOM. A link is sent by text and payments will be collected by phone (if there is a balance) before the start of each virtual visit. Clicking the link opens the appointment.  Links can also be copied/pasted into a browser for desktop viewing.  Please be in a quiet, safe location, where you have the best possible phone/WIFI service. Android users do better if the app is downloaded and refreshed prior to the appointment; otherwise just click the link! We’ll see you soon! ~UAM

Andriod Users Pre-Download ZOOM App Here:


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Utah Addiction Medicine

We are medical professionals who provide individualized, accessible, high quality medical care for people with the disease of addiction.


Outpatient Detox; Evaluation and Treatment of Substance-use Disorders; Ongoing Medical Care; Care Coordination 



Fill out forms including new patient forms and our application for outpatient detox 


Outpatient detox • Treatment of substance use disorders • Ongoing medical care • care coordination 

Who We Are

Medical professionals who believe in providing high quality and compassionate medical care…

Our Team

Meet our team of exceptional team of addiction medical specialists.

Addiction Is A Disease!

Addiction is a common disease that often runs in families and is passed from one generation to the next genetically. 

In many cases addiction seems to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. For example, people who have a family history of addiction and live in stressful environments develop addiction at much higher rates than people who don’t have one, or the other of these. 

The disease of addiction effects areas of our brain that are involved with producing survival-like behaviors and stress responses. 

We believe that it is important to treat addiction as a chronic disease. That means that addiction is not cured, but that it can be effectively managed over time much like other common medical conditions. 

Addiction is confusing and frightening for people who suffer with the condition as well as the people who love them. 

Here is a video (to the right) of a discussion that might help you and your family understand the disease of addiction better.